Only 3 days to go

October 17th, 2008

There is literally only 3 days to go before Ringo Starr will implement his threat to stop signing “things”.

I’d sort of forgotten Ringo Starr even existed. Which does make me wonder what sort of person has things that they think will be better things if they’ve been signed by Ringo Starr.

In fact the whole thing has raised a number of questions in my mind:-

  1. What sort of “things” are people sending him?
  2. Why the 20th October? It seems a bit arbitrary.
  3. What is he too busy doing now that he wasn’t doing before?
  4. Is he drunk or mental? His video certainly doesn’t seem to be that coherent.
  5. Does he appreciate the irony of being portrayed in the Simpsons as the Beatle that always replied to every letter?

Having just read that last question back to myself I think there might be some sort of line of causality there. Though that episode of the Simpsons was shown 17 years ago so it’s taken him some time to reach this level of frustration.

Oh well, if you have anything that you want him to sign I’d get it in the post today.


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