September 15th, 2008

What do you mean you haven’t got a blog?

But how do people find out the last time you ate Findus Crispy pancakes? Though they seem to have gone bust now so it’s not likely to crop up anytime soon.

No longer will I have conversations like this because now I have a blog. I’m going to use it to record all the things that usually make people’s eyes glaze over when we’re sitting in the pub. A very worthy use of technology.

For many years I’ve made sites that are quite specific, such as Meowseley and Eye on Moseley. It’s quite hard to fit some of the normal things I’d like to write about in that as it is pretty focussed on cats and Moseley.

I’d like to say I’m going to use this blog to provide great insights into politics and the nature of man. I’m not really that naive. It’s really going to be a collection of posts about games, tanks, super fast fighter jets and videos of kittens.

That actually sounds quite good.


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